Making life your habit.

Our story with Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing Center started from scratch. We had the pleasure of building the visual foundation for the center, starting with full identity design. That’s how Grin switched gears and became Green, coating the brand’s online and offline presence in fresh, lush and vibrant shades. Visually, we peeled back any distracting layers to reveal the bare essence of Atasagon: making health your habit.

After establishing the soothing color palette that would become definitive for the brand, we took the concept to the next level for their 1-year anniversary campaign. We upgraded the overall styling of the brand, fine-tuning the design to suit the latest industry trends. Additionally, we took their 3 new packages, gave them a user-friendly makeover and introduced them to their clients appropriately. Needless to say that our collaboration with Atasagon continues to be prosperous.


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