Respect gained from more than 10.000 registered patients.

The only passion that even comes close to our devotion to design is our undying love for animals. That’s one of the main reasons why we cherish our work for the K2 Veterinary Hospital & Clinic so much. Founded by the acclaimed Attila Kondor Sfantu Gheorghe doctor, the hospital and clinic are now a safe haven for thousands of four-legged friends in need of vital care.

To honor the expertise that the vet center is admired for, we dedicated our efforts to creating an equally heart-warming brand image. In the logo design stage, we strived to interlace respectability with compassion. For this, we carved a heart and cross in the main K2 element, all in health-defining shades of blue and green. What followed was an online identity with the same tone: professional yet empathic, experienced yet caring, proficient yet forever loving.


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